XMOS Linux based ETH Mining OS for Nvidia GPUs

There is a new Linux-based distribution for the Etereum (ETH) extraction of available NVIDIA GPUs, called xmod, that you want to check best if you are using Windows as the mining operating system. XMOS supports the Nvidia GPU, including overclocking and although it can also work on AMD GPUs, which does not have built-in support, this is probably not the best option for the ‘extraction on the AMD GPU because it is not able to actually use them for ETH Construcción. At present, XMOS only supports Ethereum mining with the official Ethminer (supports both AMD and Nvidia GPUs) and no developer loads are included.

ETH mining

The distribution of mining based on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS and everything should correspond to a single USB flash drive of 8 GB or more, so you can use the right to start and destroy. There is no graphical user interface, everything is controlled by a terminal window and you can SSH at the mining plant for tracking, which is not very convenient for large-scale exploration operations for monitoring and control. However, it might be worth trying to test, especially for people who do not do much in Linux for mining and if they grow further, could lead to an even more interesting alternative to what is already a minor Linux-based operating system is available.

Ethereum Mining

For more details about the XMOS Linux-based ETH Mining OS for Nvidia GPUs..

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