PCI Express 1 to 8 Mining Riser Card PCI-E x16 Data Graphics SATA to 8Pin Adapter Card for BTC Miner Machine Board

PCI-E 16X Mining riser multi interface card, the main board of the 16X interface to 8 USB3.0, to solve the desktop computer PCI-E insufficient situation. If you need multiple PCI-E slots, there is not much on the motherboard, but you can consider that. Install through the PCI-E interface on the motherboard, turn out 8 USB ports, and then extend 8 PCI-E slots through the USB 3.0.

PCIE Riser

Product parameter:

Name: PCI-E 16X, transfer 8 USB adapter card

Model: SQKZ-P8

Interface: PCI-E slot

Product performance: suitable for main board, PCI-E card slot, plug and play

Material: alloy +PCBA

System support: the best mining WIN10 system

The new 1 to 8 products by 8PIN independent PCIE interface, support 2, 1, 1.1 PCIE 8 independent signal, 1X signal,

4X signal input 16X gold finger slot, and to extend the line card slot of a computer motherboard supporting the use of 2 or more than 2 16X, but also can continue to expand.

PCIE 8 portPCIE USB 3.0

PCIE 8 port USB PCIE 8 port USB 3.0

Mining PCIE 8 port

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