How To Mod Bios AMD RX 470/570/480/580 Mining with 27+Mh/s

Lot of people asking how to mod RX bios. There are 2 ways the easy one and the proper one.
I will show you the easy way. This bios modding is easy for newbies.
[b]Under volting will only work with Windows[/b] If you need under-volt bios for Linux you need to do the harder way. You can ask here, someone could make it for you. I know that Wolf0 can do it. – Bitcointalk

If you need help, buy me a beer I can help you. Write me on e-mail

Premium package for bios mod, 0.05 ETH or 0.004 BTC

What I can offer:

  • Performance timings for all GPUs
  • Bios mod
  • Support

How To Mod Polaris Bios AMD RX 470/570/480/580

Polaris Bios Editor 1.4.1
Polaris Bios Editor 1.5
SRBPolaris Bios Editor
Pixel Clock Patcher

I can provide mod bios for Asus Rog strix RX570 OC edition 4GB DDR5. The proof of hash rate.

Rx570 hashrate

Send transaction ID, i will send the mod bios file.

No guaranteed results it all depends on cards quality. Better than stock and 1500, 1650, 1750 etc timings for sure! I’m not responsible for brick cards and broken hearts.

ETH: 0x234bAB20eFDdF41D1405f58891b4764def7EbE9D
BTC: 14n8yVz9y5YQTGn3q7mup1bAUN6udmSsQu

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