Eminer ETHASH miner With Web Dashboard

There is a new source: Ethereum (ETH) Bergmann, which is also available with other cryptic pieces based on Ethash and is called Eminer. The minor is available for the AMD and Nvidia GPUs and what makes it really interesting is the integrated dashboard that provides detailed statistics for the Bergmann mining platform. The new Eminer Ethash Miner v0.6.0-RC1 is written in the Go language and offers performance comparable to other prime miners for AMD, at least possibly with a slightly slower heterm in Nvidia. Eminer is equipped with support for Stratum and RPC clients with failover, as well as for the implementation of Nicehash Stratum. However, there is a 1% devotee included in this minor software, so you have this in mind, you should decide to try it. The Windows version comes with a multi-user asynchronous mode that analyzes actions with multiple instances, which can be increased by 1% to 2% chance. The binaries for Linux and Mac OS X of the minor are also available.

The real gem here is the web interface that gives you insight into the mining hardware and current mining process, including a graphic depiction of heterosexuals over time. You will receive information about the GPUs available from AMD or Nvidia and their current status, such as clocks, hetero, temperature and fan speed. This allows a quick and easy view of the web from various mining platforms, without spending time finding the console’s mining output … you can use some enhancements to be more useful, but probably more emphasis was placed on this control panel based on the Web. However, this new minor looks promising and useful and never hurts to have a competition under the cryptography software.


Support Windows, Linux and MacOS

  • Fully support AMD and NVIDIA OpenCL devices
  • Improved and optimized three OpenCL kernels
  • Asynchronous multiworker mode (windows only)
  • Support for Stratum and RPC clients with failover
  • Useful web dashboard
  • Historical metrics for last 24 hours, shares, hashrate and other informations
  • JSON API for stats and metrics
  • Support for AMD and NVIDIA hardware management (Temperature, fan speed, clock and other useful hw informations)
  • Support for nicehash stratum

And much more.


List Devices:
$ eminer -L

Benchmark mode:
$ eminer -B deviceid

Stratum mode:
$ eminer -S server:port -U yourwallet -P password
(for nicehash or other stratum servers use -S stratum+tcp://server:port)

HTTP-RPC mode:
$ eminer -F http://localhost:8545

$ eminer -h

Run eminer & view the dashboard at http://localhost:8550

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